The October 6, 2018, LeadHer Conference brings twelve experienced leading women together to share their combined wisdom in one venue.

Conference Schedule:

  • 8:00 am     —  Doors Open, Continental Breakfast Served.
  • 9:00 am     —  LeadHer Conference Begins
  • 12:30 pm   —  Lunch is Served at your Table
  • 1:30 pm     —  LeadHer Conference Resumes
  • 5:00 pm     —  Lead Her Conference Concludes
    • We have several short breaks throughout the conference.

Conference Talks & Presentations:

Opening Words:   Introducing our conference theme “LeadHer with Wisdom“, scripture reading, and opening prayer.

Sheila Thomas:  Living a Life of Balance: Wisdom for leaders in finding balance in our ministry priorities.

Jay Sharpe:  Knowledge vs. Wisdom:  What is the difference, and why does it matter?

Ava Pennington:  Wisdom of the Word:  How Biblical literacy answers today’s cultural questions.

Jenny Big Crow:  Wisdom in Mentoring:  Why we need mentors, and how to start the process.

Dorothy Logan:  Impeccable Words:  Leading your ministry with wisdom and integrity.

Gena McCown:  Sacred Circles:  The wisdom of identifying and developing godly relationships with women in leadership.

Bonnie Daniels:  Gospel Centered Ministry: Making The Great Commission your ministry priority.

Aimee Nelson:  Leading with a Servant Heart: Following Christ’s leadership example.

Dr. Gauci Knoth:  Enough Is Enough: How and when to set Healthy Boundaries in Ministry.

Mallissa Newton:  Guard Your Words: Knowing when you shouldn’t and when you should stay quiet.

Amy Oliver:  Crisis to Counseling:Knowing when a woman in crisis needs professional help. 

Cammy Perez:  Wisdom from James:A generous portion making a radical impact.

Special Ministry Presentation & Closing Words


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