Learn more about our fabulous October 6, 2018, speakers by selecting from the photos below.




Some of our Speakers are authors and will have books available in our Exhibition Room.  Before the event, and during breaks, you will also have opportunities to have these books signed.

Conference Talks & Presentations:

Opening Words:   Introducing our conference theme “LeadHer with Wisdom“, scripture reading, and opening prayer.

Sheila Thomas:  Living a Life of Balance: Wisdom for leaders in finding balance in our ministry priorities.

Jay Sharpe:  Knowledge vs. Wisdom:  What is the difference, and why does it matter?

Ava Pennington:  Wisdom of the Word:  How Biblical literacy answers today’s cultural questions.

Jenny Big Crow:  Wisdom in Mentoring:  Why we need mentors, and how to start the process.

Dorothy Logan:  Impeccable Words:  Leading your ministry with wisdom and integrity.

Gena McCown:  Sacred Circles:  The wisdom of identifying and developing godly relationships with women in leadership.

Bonnie Daniels:  Gospel Centered Ministry: Making The Great Commission your ministry priority.

Aimee Nelson:  Leading with a Servant Heart: Following Christ’s leadership example.

Dr. Gauci Knoth:  Enough Is Enough: How and when to set Healthy Boundaries in Ministry.

Mallissa Newton:  Guard Your Words:  Knowing when you shouldn’t and when you should stay quiet.

Amy Oliver:  Crisis to Counseling: Knowing when a woman in crisis needs professional help. 

Cammy Perez:  Wisdom from James: A generous portion making a radical impact.

Special Ministry Presentation & Closing Words


A special thank you to our event photographer, Jenna Huttula.